Where are your desks made?

Our desks are made in Torrance, CA. Roughly 20 mins outside of Los Angeles. 


What are work from home desks made from?

Our desks are made from 3/4” high-quality furniture grade baltic birch plywood. FSC certified for sustainability & EPA certified for low emissions. It is strong, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.



We want to offer you the best value we can and a choice. After all, freedom of choice is what America was founded upon. We have chosen to provide you with a choice in the desk market. We have decided to make our desks in America from high-quality furniture grade baltic birch plywood rather than particle or fiberboard made offshore. If we were a big box retailer, the cost to get you to read our FAQ page would be a lot less :) Our prices include shipping to your door. We have chosen to offer you an excellent desk at the best price point we can. So you can get back to work ergonomically, sustainably, productively and simply at home. 


What parts does the desk come with?

1x Back triangle, 2x Sides, 1x Desktop, 1x Back shelf (two pieces/split in middle), 1x Cable Tray, 7x Keys


What are the assembled desks dimensions?

35 inches wide, 23.5 inches deep, and 47.25 inches high. There is a photo with overlaid dimensions in product photos. 


What is the dimensions of the desks main working area?

31.5 inches wide by 21.5 inches deep.


Can you change the height of the desk?

Yes! We designed this desk to let you set up the desk to the height that works best for you sitting or standing. It is easy to change it to another height setting, but you need to clear your desk to do it. Changing desk height takes 1-2 minutes when clear. Check out the video at the bottom of our homepage to see someone adjusting our desk between heights. It is not as fast as an electric sit-stand desk, but it has other advantages to consider.


Is the desk sturdy?

Yes! Our team live and breathe design and engineering. Check out our covid story for details on that but rest assured that we make quality products that are sturdy, robust, and stable. Check out our product reviews to hear what our customers say as well. 


How much weight can the desk and accessories support?

The desktop will easily handle 100 pounds of weight, and the accessories can handle 40 pounds each.


Where do you deliver to?

We currently only offer free shipping to the continental United States. We can ship orders to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico for an additional cost. Email us with your address to get a quote. 


How quickly will I receive my desk once my order is place?

We typically dispatch desks within 1-4 business days upon order. UPS or FedEx Ground are our default shipping options, which are included in the price of the desk; both are currently taking anywhere between 3-10 days for 95% of orders. Please allow around two weeks for delivery. 


What is the purpose of the small shelf that sits under the main table shelf?

It is our cable management tray. It is optional and can be removed if you wish to use the desk at the lowest two seated positions.


How do I use the smaller wedge keys that comes with the laptop wing and monitor stand?

As you push a key into a slot, wiggle the laptop wing or monitor stand with your other hand, and the key will tighten it up more as it pushes down further.


Do you ship overseas?

We don’t currently ship orders overseas, including to foreign APO addresses.


I want a standard desk and to attach a monitor arm for dual screens, do I need any additional items for that?

The standard desk comes with a back shelf that makes the perfect attachment point for a "Dual VESA Mount Monitor Arm" which are readily available on Amazon. 


Do you make other pieces of furniture?

We have in the past but are not currently. Please like our Facebook page for updates of new products and let us know what kind of furniture you are interested in via email sales@workfromhomedesks.com so we can add them to our ideas board.


What payment options do you accept?

We accept payments via credit cards using Shop Pay, G Pay, PayPal and AfterPay.


Does the blonde desk have any varnish or sealing type of finish to make it water-resistant?

Yes, the blonde desk has a clear coat on it that helps make it water-resistant. 

Is there a pattern on the black desk?

There is a resin imprinted hexagonal pattern on one side of the black desk and a smooth glossy finish on the other.


Do you use low formaldehyde plywood? 

Yes! Our desks are made from very high-quality birch plywood, which is low in formaldehyde and meets EPA & CARB Phase 2 standards using E0 and E1 glues, thus meeting the highest current standard for formaldehyde admissions. As a reference the plywood meets the following official standard...


ln accordance with the provisions of Third Party Certification required within US EPA TSCA Title VI - 40 CFR Part 770 - Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products and the Final Regulation Order of Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) to Reduce Formaldehyde Emission from Composite Wood Products -§ 93120 - 93120.12, title 17, California Code of Regulations - by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), 

The compliance and documentation around this is supplied to us from our local Los Angeles-based plywood suppliers. We know from our own research that it comes from highly regarded plywood manufacturers who seek to meet the highest current standards for plywood production. We have obtained their testing and conformity certificates as part of our ongoing commitment to product quality. 


Want to connect with us? 

The live chat on our website is monitored by real people in our own team most hours of the day (8am-11pm PST, weekdays). We check it at random over the weekends. We recommend you contact us there as someone is usually on duty. 

Alternatively send us an email: sales@workfromhomedesks.com

For the sake of transparency you can also contact us on 323 600 3722 if required. Please use Chat or email in the first instance.