Our Covid Story

When Covid19 slowed down the events industry for the foreseeable future, we pivoted our team to design and make beautiful natural birch plywood desks right here in America.


Our mission became creating a desk to suit your home, letting you work seated or standing at the correct ergonomic height. A modular desk that was: beautiful, would arrive to you via UPS/Fedex and one that could be setup without tools. We had been successful as Fiasco Cases, by keeping things simple and thinking about everything from the end users perspective. Our touring customers can be found all over the USA and our purpose was to make their workdays more efficient and productive. We took that purpose and created the WFH Desk.


In 2020 we have made and sold thousands of WFH desks. Always focused on our customers and designing additional related products that enhance the WFH Desk. If you purchased one in April, it was a beautiful and simple sit or stand desk. Today you can add more than a dozen modular units to the desk and create your perfect WFH office.


Sadly the live events industry we love is toast... for now. Covid19 might have made us tack left, but we certainly didn't cut the corner. We make our desks with the same core materials we made cases because we know if they last ten years of abuse on the road, they will be just fine at your place.


Our desks are ergonomic, require no tools to assemble and are made right here in America. Thankfully we have even been given the opportunity to help others find work along the way. We would love to help you be efficient, stay safe and work for a better tomorrow.