Factory Second Black WFH Double Wide Desk

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$844 of value for $594! (Save $250!)

Factory Seconds. The limited quantity of desks in this listing are seconds. Sometimes things get damaged during manufacturing but overall is still a great product. It might have a chip or scratch or blemish. So we pulled them aside during our manufacturing and QC process and are now offering them at a discounted rate. See photos for some examples of the defects you might expect. 

The parts are reversible and the defects are often only on one side so you can often hide them. 


$844 of value for $594! (Save $250!)

Bonus Accessories! This factory second comes with an additional Front Shelf and monitor stand accessories!

PLUS we are still including FREE SHIPPING to your door!  

Very limited Quantities! We have less than 15 of these seconds desks available. 



Love the WFH Desk but thinking you need a larger desk? We made the WFH Double Desk Module just for you. Now you can get twice as much space!

When we designed the WFH Desk we knew it had to be ergonomic. It had to ship to your door and be easy to assemble. So we designed it to assemble without tools and to be extremely modular. 

We now offer a Double Wide Desk Module that you can partner the WFH Desk with to design your own perfect desk! This listing is for the complete setup - WFH Desk and Double Wide Module. 

Double the desktop space of our original WFH Desk. You can have the desktops setup sitting or standing or choose for one to be set at sitting height and one at standing height. The second desktop can't be on the same level because it needs a free slot to locate into. It can be as close as 2in higher or lower. In practice that works really well as height variability options assist with ergonomics. 

The double desk comes with a front shelf for books, photos, smaller printers or a lamp.

You can set up the double desk module on the right or left of the WFH Desk. 


Shipping Now - Free Shipping to your door! 

Made in America. The natural birch plywood we use to make our desks right here in America is both FSC & EPA certified. It is strong, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly. 

Simple tool-free assembly. Our flatpack desk solution is fast and easy to set up to allow you to work or study from home with ease.

Sit or Stand. Ergonomically designed to reduce strain and fatigue, while assisting you to maintain productivity. Our desk allows you to sit or stand at your preferred working height. Set it up how you like to work! When you feel like a change you can easily adjust your working position in a few minutes. 

Customize. Our desk lets you sit or stand. It allows for dual monitors but also packs away flat under a bed. This is a high-quality desk that requires no tools to assemble and is very strong.


Physical desk size when setup: 
68in W, 23.5in D, 47.24in H

Usable Sizes: 
Desktop: The double-wide desk module gives you two independent desk surfaces that are: 21.5in deep and 31.5 wide. In effect giving you a 63in wide desk with a split in the center. 
Front shelf: 7in deep and 31.5in wide.

Max desk height of 45in, *Min desk height of 25.5in (without using cable management tray), 29in (when using cable management tray).

Desk Weight: 72lb Total (WFH Desk 48lb + Corner Module


Weight Rating: 

The desktop will easily handle 100 pounds of weight.

Items included as standard...
1x Back triangle, 3x Legs, 2x Desktop, 1x Back shelf (two pieces/split in the middle), 1x Cable Tray,

1x Front Shelf, 11x Keys 

*accessories in photos are not included.

***Accessories must match the color of your desk. This is because there is a very small variation in thickness between the different colors. 

Please select the correct color for your accessory when ordering. 

Limited Stock. We dispatch orders within 1-3 business days and ship via UPS Ground (4-7 day service). Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.