WFH Desk Pad - Modern - iHM


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Protect your desk while lifting your mood with a WFH Desk Pad.
Exclusively designed as the perfect fit for the WFH Desk and crafted from premium, easy to clean, micro-weave cloth and natural rubber. Bring your desk to life with four inspiring design options to reflect your style.

The luxurious, cushioned surface offers relief for your wrists and hands while remaining firm enough to work as a writing surface.

Anti-Skid Pattern.  A proprietary pattern on the bottom helps prevent the mats from slipping while on your desk.


Easy Maintenance. Water Proof, Heat Resistant, Easy Cleaning.

Easy Cleaning


Limited numbers of WFH Desk Pads are available, so first in, first served.


Free Shipping to the 48 contiguous United States.


Physical size. 31.5in x 19.7in x 0.12in

*1-Year Manufacturer's warranty

Note: Desk pads are delivered rolled up. They will take a few days to settle.