Laptop Lifter Wing & Two Wing Shelves

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In the WFH Desk office, just about everyone has set themselves up with a Laptop Lifter wing, and 2x Wing Shelves. So we thought we should offer the set at a really sharp price. 

The Laptop Lifter Wing is great on either side of the desk and gets your laptop into an ergonomic position as a second screen! 

The Lifter can also be easily picked up and positioned on any flat surface to create a perch for your laptop to be set up in a tilted position. Great on the desktop for longer Zoom calls, or on the kitchen counter when you want to read your favorite recipe on the weekend. 

The stand will rotate when used with the wing and is also captured in place to stop it from being bumped off. 

The Wing Shelf is quite possibly our most popular accessory! The reason it is so popular is that a Wing Shelf can be added to any available level to create an additional shelf. Many customers are buying multiple wings and creating a set of shelves down the side of the desk! 

When you buy the set the shipping cost and handling costs are not that different so we pass on that saving to you if you order them together. 

The Wing Shelf can also be used on the inside of the desk to create a shelf under or above your desk. 

Made in America. The natural birch plywood we use to make our desks and accessories right here in America is both FSC & EPA certified. It is strong, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly. 

Free Shipping - to the 48 contiguous United States. 

Wing Shelf surface area - 13 ¾in x 16in

Weight Rating: 40lb

Items included with this product...
1x Laptop Lifter Wing, 2x Wing Shelf, 3x Taper Key
*accessories in photos are not included.

***Accessories must match the color of your desk. This is because there is a very small variation in thickness between the different colors. Please select the correct color for your accessory when ordering. 

Limited Stock. We dispatch orders within 1-3 business days and ship via UPS Ground (4-7 day service). Please allow one to two weeks for delivery. 


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