Electric Desk vrs WFH Desk, pros and cons

Many different factors are essential when it comes to buying a desk, and most of the time, there is no 'perfect desk.' It is all about weighing the pros and cons and looking for what is best for you. Below we compare a traditional standing desk and the WFH Desk.


Right off the bat: an electric desk will always be the easier option for adjustability when changing your desk's height. Being able to adjust to any height and being only the press of a button away is great for people looking to change their working position multiple times an hour. However, if you aren't continually changing between sitting and standing, there are other options for you to consider.

The Look

Electric desks have motors and wires running through them that need to be hidden away; this can often lead to electric desks looking very big and bulky, sometimes with visible wiring, and will require a cord to be plugged into a wall for them to operate.

The advantage of a desk, such as the WFH Desk, is that it has no machinery or wires that need to be hidden away—allowing us to design a lot cleaner, less bulky desk. A desk that blends into a normal home environment easily, and the natural wood grain and sanded plywood edges give the desk a unique look. The ability to customize the desk with a range of accessories also allows you to choose how big or small the desk becomes.


Electric desks typically use metal legs and machinery, making the desk very heavy and near impossible to move around once set up. Most electric desks are two to three times the weight of a WFH Desk. They also require tools to setup.

The WFH Desk is made entirely out of high-quality birch plywood and weighs in at a total of only 48lbs; however, that total is a sum of several parts weighing no greater than 20lbs individually. Furthermore, the WFH Desk requires no tools to be setup. It is easy to handle and can be rapidly moved around the house. For example it would take one person, with no tools under 10 minutes, to disassemble the WFH Desk, carry it up a flight of stairs, and reassemble the WFH Desk. No helpers required!


Cheap electric desks are notorious for breaking down due to their motors burning out or the wires breaking. The wiring of electrical desks introduced the possibility that your next coffee spill could short circuit your desk into one position for life.

When it comes to sustainability, WFH desks are hard to beat. The electrical components in electric desks leave behind 'E-waste' that is non-recyclable and therefore ends up in a landfill. E-waste represents only 2% of landfills in America, yet it is to blame for 70% of toxic waste overall.

WFH desks and accessories are made of sustainable birch plywood, certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council for sustainability and the EPA for formaldehyde emissions. They are friendly on your home and the environment!


With all of the expensive machinery and electronics that go into making an electric desk and the metal subframe, it is no wonder that similar quality electric desks are more expensive. Sure, you will find cheap offshore made electric desks, but you will not find an electric desk in the same ballpark as the WFH Desk when you compare on quality. WFH Desks are proudly made in America of high-quality materials.


Electric desks need power to operate, limiting the available positions to locate the desk around your household. The WFH Desk can be set up anywhere and reposition whenever you need it to be, so if your kid needs a desk for a day, it can be set up in their room in under 10 mins, and then be back in your workspace the next day.


On top of this, electric desks draw 'vampire power' even when not in use, meaning they will always be drawing power the whole time they are plugged in. In reality, you only actually adjust the desk a total of two minutes a day, for a few seconds each time.


The Choice

We made the WFH Desk for those that wanted a choice in the desk market. It might just be the most modular desk in the world and maybe even the most simple to assemble.

Please check out our desks and accessories, which allow you to customize your desk to suit your needs. Ultimately the choice is yours!